Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Hello all and welcome to Visions of Darkness, the official blog for author Nathaniel Brehmer (me). To get started, I suppose I'll explain a little bit about me and what I do. I am the author of (so far) the American Vampires trilogy (American Vampires, New World, Sunrise) and the short novel Requiem. I have also written the screenplays Julie and Artful Disasters, both of which hold a 3 and 1/2 star rating on scriptbuddy.com.

Given that I've gotten a decent body of work started, I thought it was about blogging time. So until a website is up and underway (which is planned) this is the place to check for any updates on what I'm doing, be it interesting or... not. Either way, you'll find it here.

Yeah, I'm new at the game, but writing's what I do. Always will be. So I plan on having a good long stay. Of course, I'm sure these are all things we'll find out as we get to know each other, you and me.

Now, for the last bit of getting to know me, here's the official synopsis for each book:

American Vampires-- American Vampires is an exploration of the human heart, its secret chambers and hidden desires. Collected here with short stories from the author is a tale focusing on just what it means to be a vampire and how very different each creature can be.

Delilah is a troubled teen believing suicide to be her only escape, but she has caught the eye of a morose vampire who thought love, like daylight, to be something long lost to him. He shows her the world of the vampire and is terrified at how well she adapts to her new condition. Together they hide in the shadows, a race long forgotten to mankind. But all that may change when a vampire believing himself to be a messiah takes it upon himself to usher in a new world order and reclaim the title for earth's dominant species.

The New World: American Vampires II- The New World is the second book in the American Vampires trilogy. Picking up one year after the events of the original, it chronicles what happens when vampires are forced out of the shadows and into the light. As the story progresses it becomes clearer that a war between humans and vampires is imminent, and that sides must be drawn.

Collected here with short stories from the author is another tale focusing on just what it means to be a vampire, and how very different each creature can be.

Sunrise: American Vampires III- Sunrise is the concluding chapter of the American Vampires trilogy. The virus created to kill all vampires has been stopped, but there are darker times ahead. Two vampire messiahs have risen- the Soldier of Darkness and the Soldier of Light- and sides must be drawn. As the armies grow, everyone (both human and vampire) finds themselves thrust into a war. But the end is near.

Requiem- Requiem is a story focusing on the magic and timelessness of love. It is about the power and beauty hidden within the human heart.

Gregory is an immortal. He does not remember how, and has never known why. All he knows, living a vagrant and hollow life, is that he cannot die. Amy is a rising musician having strange recurring dreams. Dreams about a life long before she was ever born. Dreams about a girl and boy of another time. A passion that exists only in dreams, but feel to her so unbelievably real.

Collected here with short stories from the author is a fairy tale of the human condition. A tale about love. Its range, its beauty, and above all, its power.

Stay tuned, folks. Always more to come.

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