Thursday, November 19, 2009

American Vampires Trilogy Collection is Now Available

As promised, the complete trilogy book has been delivered. Within these pages you'll find an updated manuscript of American Vampires, original versions of The New World and Sunrise as well as vampire-centered short stories (some never-before-published).

You can find this book over at, just follow this link here.

So enjoy that, which will go for $21.92. Cheaper than buying all three books separately.

Also, on a personal note. There was a reading today for the University of Maine Farmington's "Compo(e)sitions" Contest- a contest in which stories were submitted in the style of (or in parody of) Edgar Allan Poe. My story was the winning piece. Reading went well, and I got a cool book and some money out of it. Not too bad a day, all in all.

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