Monday, April 26, 2010

A lot has happened and we're just getting started

So I forgot I even ever started this blog and again I think it's a good idea, so here I am dusting it off. And so much has happened since November, so that's good. Let's see...

I've got a new novel you'll be seeing sometime (hopefully) soon called The Pumpkin Patch. Not sure how many details I can disclose at this point in time, but it's gonna be a big thing for me and a definite step forward.

Right now, I've got a short story that's been published in "Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine" and that is available now. It was a cool thing to be published in, especially when I found it being sold at a convention I was attending.

The biggest thing since November is probably, let's see... oh yeah. That other book I published. IN THE DARK is a short story collection I published (again through wordclay) and it may very well be my last book with them. If so, I find it a fitting ending. It's about 340 pages and you can buy it, well, where I told you to buy the other stuff. Most of the short stories published in the other wordclay books are featured, as well as many (many, many) new ones.

So let's pretend this is my first post and I'll build followers from here. I'll keep this updated (really, I promise) as much as I can, and hope to meet a fan or two (because that's probably all I got...) in the process.

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