Sunday, June 13, 2010


Here's what's going on with me right now.

Currently prepping for the release of my installment of the "Hellbound Chronicles" online comic series, based on the Hellraiser series of films. I initially wrote the story over a year ago, but there was some change in creative involvement and it was handed to another artist who did wonderful things with it. It seems to be in the final stages of coloring now, so I can't wait for it to finally hit, complete.

The Pumpkin Patch, a novel mentioned in an earlier post, should hit this October. It's not entirely defininite, but it seems like this will be the case if all goes as planned. It's a book that I'm proud of and one that cooked for a long time before I finally set down to write it. While my other books that are currently available certainly have horror elements (save for, perhaps, Requiem) this book immerses itself in the genre.

I also have a huge, huge announcement to make about another novel. Or rather, a series of novels. Since high school I have been trying to sort out the story for an epic dark fantasy, and I wrote the first in that series (called Nightmaria) last summer. I'm not certain that it will be published, but it may take a bit of time in that I can say for certain that this book (nor any of the other four to still be written in its series) will not be self published. It is a story that I want to tell to the world, and to do that it needs to reach the world. And as all of the books will be of decent size, a bigger publisher makes more sense as they often work more easily with bigger books.

Finally, I have news for the American Vampires fans. The trilogy has been having a high point of success recently, which humbles me. I have said before that there will NOT be an "American Vampires 4". If I had ever had any plans to do that, I wouldn't have said "American Vampires Trilogy" on the cover of the second and third books. However, many of you may have noticed that a certain character felt a bit unfinished at the end of the series. This was planned. Since I was writing "Sunrise: American Vampires III", I have always had the plan to spin one particular character off into his own novel. Now, I feel the timing is right to move forward with this project. So I take this opportunity to officially announce "Kane". The book will, obviously, be based on the vampire hunter of the same name. I can't reveal too much, except that it will center around how Kane's black and white views on vampires play into a word now aware of their existence, and whether or not he's able to see vampires the same way after the end of the trilogy. It also goes further into Kane's past as a Hunter as well as his relations with a young vampire who has a very, very deep connection with him. I can't say much else at this time, except that I have begun the first draft of the book, that it will feature many new characters and a few old ones, and that I hope it will be a worthy addition to the mythology. No idea when the release date will be, as I am still drafting, but stay tuned for more as the stories develop.

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