Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Breaking News: Hellbound Chronicles to be released very soon

Finally, finally, finally!

My contribution to the Hellbound Web's amazing "Hellbound Chronicles" comic book series (based on the modern classic Hellraiser films) will be released in three weeks, possibly less. As you may or may not know, it's been almost two years that I've been working on this particular issue of the comic. It was initially handed to one artist who sat on it for about a year before the editor (thank god) took it out from under them and handed it to someone who really cared and seemed passionate about the project. I heard he actually asked to work on that particular issue after reading the script.

With so much work complete (and me overseeing most stages of production on the art) it is both an honor and incredible relief to finally have this thing behind me. The art is phenomenal and the project truly has seemed to come together in a near-perfect way. To be honest, when I initially wrote the issue, I wasn't expecting as good as I got. Shows me. But here it is, and I've gotten a look at the first four complete pages as a sort of teaser to the imminent release of the final result.

The Hellbound Chronicles: The Blood is the Life, follows another very familiar story with a new, razor-sharp twist. In a nineteenth century insane asylum, we meet Dr. Jack Seward, who has taken a keen interest to one of his most unusual patients, R.N. Renfield. The inmate is a bug-eater with unusually sharp insight into Seward's life, playing at psychiatry with the psychiatrist. It's soon revealed that Renfield's is truly a part of something greater, that his "master" is very real, and his coming is imminent...

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